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Prof. <br /> Dr. med. habil.<br /> Georg Matziolis
Dr. med. habil.
Georg Matziolis

Senior Consultant of the Clinic for Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery

Acting holder of the Chair for Orthopaedics of the FSU Jena at the Waldkrankenhaus Eisenberg

036691 8-1002

Specialist Registrar Dr. med. Stefan Pietsch
Specialist Registrar Dr. med. Stefan Pietsch

Head of department sports

Specialist for orthopaedics and accident surgery, sports medicine, chirotherapy

Specialist Registrar's Office
Gabi Geier

036691 8-1439

Main focuses

Clinic for Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery: Knee Department

In our clinic, we treat patients with various disorders of the knee joint, mainly with wear symptoms (gonarthrosis), inflammatory rheumatic knee disorders (rheumatoid arthritis), but also limited damage to the cartilage and bone (osteonecrosis).

Naturally we also treat patients with all other innate or acquired knee joint disorders, with complications after knee prosthetic implants and tumour diseases.

 We also support patients with fractures after accident and sports injuries and their later consequences.


Overview of main focuses:
Knee arthrosis

Gonarthrosis (knee arthrosis) refers to wear symptoms on the knee joint: Here a progressive destruction of the joint cartilage and of the bone occurs with increasing malposition of the leg and damage to the ligaments. Usually, older people suffer from this disorder and the causes are not always traceable. As a late effect of ligament, cartridge or meniscus injuries, but also in the case of innate malpositions or those acquired due to bone fractures (bow legs, knock knees), the disorder can also occur in young persons.

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Rheumatoid arthritis

"Rheumatism" is a collective term for various inflammatory disorders of the locomotor system. If the disorder affects a joint, inflammations of the mucous membrane of the joint occur, which later also damage the joint cartilage. On the knee joint, painful swellings and redness occur, the knee joint ligaments are damaged, in the further course joints are destroyed and there is increasing instability or restriction of movement. Rheumatoid arthritis is the most frequent inflammatory-rheumatic disorder.

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In the same way as necrosis of the femoral head on the hip joint, with osteonecrosis of the knee joint a locally limited necrosis of bone tissue occurs below the joint cartilage – the necrosis centre is cut off from the blood supply. The localised necrosis occurs on the knee joint during youth (osteochondrosis dissecans) or in adulthood as segmental necrosis of the femur (necrosis of the femural condyle).

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Our main focuses include caring for patients with wear symptoms or rheumatic disorders of the knee.

Our main focuses include caring for patients with wear symptoms or rheumatic disorders of the knee.

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Autologous cartilage transplantation
Orthopaedics: Sports injuries and shoulder disorders

In particular, sports accidents and some special disorders (osteochondrosis dissecans) lead to cartilage loss on the knee joint or ankle joint. If it goes untreated, cartilage damage may lead in many cases to the formation of premature joint wear (arthrosis).

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