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Prof. <br /> Dr. med. habil.<br /> Georg Matziolis
Dr. med. habil.
Georg Matziolis

Senior Consultant of the Clinic for Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery

Acting holder of the Chair for Orthopaedics of the FSU Jena at the Waldkrankenhaus Eisenberg

036691 8-1002

Specialist Registrar Dr. med. Stefan Pietsch
Specialist Registrar Dr. med. Stefan Pietsch

Head of department sports

Specialist for orthopaedics and accident surgery, sports medicine, chirotherapy

Specialist Registrar's Office
Gabi Geier

036691 8-1439


Gonarthrosis (knee arthrosis) refers to wear symptoms on the knee joint: Here a progressive destruction of the joint cartilage and later also of the joint areas and bones occurs with increasing malposition of the leg and damage to the ligaments.

Usually, older people suffer from this disorder – over time the cartilage layer is reduced and the bones rub directly against each other. Younger persons may also suffer from gonarthrosis. The causes are usually overloading of the joint, previous joint damage due to accidents or malpositions of the joints. Patients frequently complain of a reduced ability to walk as well as pain when bending and putting weight on the knee.

Treatment of gonarthrosis primarily depends on the severity of the disorder: at an early stage, medicinal therapies as well as physical measures (for example physiotherapy) help to alleviate complaints. In the case of severe damage, an arthroscopy may be helpful: with this gentle, minimally invasive operation, the surgeons remove the joint cartilage fragments and smoothen the remaining surfaces. This operation may reduce the pain and delay joint replacement.

In some cases, a transposition osteotomy is helpful: In the case of so-called malposition of axes (knock knees or bow legs), the cartilage is only worn in the so-called main load-bearing areas. If the leg axis is regulated by an operation, these load-bearing areas change. The healthy cartilage area of another region of the inside of the joint now assumes the function – the painful, arthrotically altered area is relieved.

If the cartilage layer is completely destroyed, the doctors recommend an artificial knee joint – especially in the case of patients of an advanced age. This low- risk operation can restore the load-bearing capacity of the knee and help to lead a life free of complaints.

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Gonarthrosis refers to a wear symptom of the knee joint - suffered especially by older people.

Gonarthrosis refers to a wear symptom of the knee joint - suffered especially by older people.

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