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Prof. <br /> Dr. med. habil.<br /> Georg Matziolis
Dr. med. habil.
Georg Matziolis

Senior Consultant of the Clinic for Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery

Acting holder of the Chair for Orthopaedics of the FSU Jena at the Waldkrankenhaus Eisenberg

036691 8-1002

Revisions of the knee

Clinic for Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery: Knee Department

Knee endoprosthetics can frequently last for more than 10 or 15 years nowadays. Despite these good results, we advise our patients to have themselves examined by their orthopaedic specialist or by us in the endoprosthetic surgery hours after a few years or if new complaints arise: the artificial joint may loosen and the prosthetic therefore fail – a development which may be accelerated by great physical activity, over-exertion or overweight.

In this case, the doctor will recommend replacement of the prosthetic. In this operation, the orthopaedic surgeon removes the existing (primary) prosthetic and replaces it with a revision prosthetic. The doctors can adapt these individually to the needs of the patients: for example, the shafts can be extended so that the endoprosthetic fits precisely.

These operations should only be carried out by surgeons with great experience in the field of endoprosthetics: At the Waldkrankenhaus, we perform around 150 replacement operations on the knee per year and are thus one of the most experienced revision clinics in Germany. As a Chair for Orthopaedics, we are also involved in implant research and in the optimisation of implant materials.

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