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Prof. <br /> Dr. med. habil.<br /> Georg Matziolis
Dr. med. habil.
Georg Matziolis

Senior Consultant of the Clinic for Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery

Acting holder of the Chair for Orthopaedics of the FSU Jena at the Waldkrankenhaus Eisenberg

036691 8-1002

Specialist Registrar Dr. med. Patrick Strube
Specialist Registrar Dr. med. Patrick Strube

Head of department spinal column

Specialist for othopaedics and accident surgery

Specialist Registrar's Office
Gabi Geier

036691 8-1439

Facet denervation

With severe back pain and if there are already signs of wear and tear in the small joints of the spine, facet denervation (obliteration of the small spinal joints) is an established method for reducing pain.

Facet infiltration is carried out in advance using a local anaesthetic. If this infiltration alleviates the pain, facet denervation is carried out in the operating theatre. Patients do not require an anaesthetic for this. They lie on their front and, following sterile washing and draping, a fine needle is passed under X-ray guidance into the facet joint.

This needle is then used to first gently stimulate the area to ensure that it is in the correct position. Only then are the nerves that are conducting the pain from the facet joint electrothermally coagulated (obliterated). This procedure has very few complications and usually gives the patient instant relief from their symptoms. Patients are able to mobilise freely immediately after the denervation procedure.

Deutsches Zentrum für Orthopädie: Wirbelsäulenerkrankungen

In unserer Wirbelsäulensprechstunde beraten und betreuen wir Menschen mit Muskelverspannungen durch Fehlbelastung, Skeletterkrankungen (z.B. Osteoporose) und Abnutzungserscheinungen der Wirbelsäule oder Bandscheiben.
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