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A New Level of Hospitality

Ambitious plans for Waldkrankenhaus Eisenberg: two new buildings will be constructed over the next few years. At present the hospital does provide medical services on an outstanding level. In the future, however, nothing less than a new level of hospitalit


The erection of the ward building will mark the starting point: the area is already prepared, the funding of the project by the Free State of Thuringia is granted, and the building operations have already started. Even for the construction of the rehabilitation building – the second major project at Eisenberg – important decisions are made: the clinic’s Supervisory Committee and the Saale-Holzland district assembly gave their consent. Architects’ contracts are signed: as well as the ward the rehab will be designed by the world-renown architectural office Matteo Thun & Partners.

The award-winning South Tyrolean architect prevailed in a Europe-wide call for tenders. He convinced the commission with the ecologically most sustainable and economically most cost-efficient concept. „Our work is synonimous with aesthetic, economic and technological longevity“, Matteo Thun explains.

In his design of the ward building Matteo Thun pursues the idea of a hotel for patients. The patients’ rooms will clearly stand out  from standards common in Germany; the patients will be able to retreat and enjoy their privacy. 

The rehabilitation center will be another central element in the range of medical services at Waldkrankenhaus Eisenberg. As soon as it is in operation patients can start rehabilitation directly after hospitalization – without a change of location or waiting time. Thus they will regain a better quality of life earlier on. 

David-Ruben Thies, Managing Director of Eisenberg hospital, is fully committed to this concept: „Very soon, patients will have two very good arguments to visit our house. They will benefit from excellent medical care. And they will recover in buildings with unique architecture and interior design. This is very important: Today, patients consciously decide where to be treated. They are willing to travel great distances for outstanding medical care and a positive ambience which will contribute to the healing success.“

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Our new ward building – designed by Matteo Thun

The rehabilitation building – circular just like the ward building

The rehabilitation building – circular just like the ward building

Matteo Thun. Photo Credt: Francesca Lotti

Matteo Thun. Photo Credt: Francesca Lotti