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Go-ahead for new building at Eisenberg hospital

Secretary of state Heike Taubert hands over the EUR 31 million grant of funding.


The financing is done: The Free State of Thuringia will support the construction of the new ward at Eisenberg hospital with almost 31 million Euros. Heike Taubert, minister of social issues, family and health, officially handed over the grant of funding on Jan 31, 2014. The new building will cost a total of 41 million Euros; around 10 million Euros are from Eisenberg´s own financial resources. 

“The new building is a flagship project which will shine well beyond the borders of Thuringia and Germany”, explains Secretary of state Heike Taubert. “It will lead patients from all European countries to Eisenberg, guarantees long-term economical success of the hospital and ensures valuable workplaces. We gladly support this project and are looking forward to see the future accomplishments of the hospital”. 

After handing over the grant of funding the working group, founded by the award-winning architect Matteo Thun and   Michael Keitel of HDR TMK, can now start with the detailed planning of the new building. The HDR TMK planning entity Erfurt/Leipzig ranks among the leading experts in health-, science- and technology design. This cooperation ensures that the new ward will set new standards in architecture as well as in economic efficiency, energy efficiency, and ecological sustainability. 

“I am sure with this grant the Free State invested in an ground-breaking project which will revolutionize the German hospital landscape”, emphasizes Eisenberg hospital’s general manager David-Ruben Thies. “The patients receive the best medical care in Europe’s largest university orthopedics and furthermore will recover in an unique atmosphere.”

“This new building helps us to save money” 

“We want to prove that it is possible to build a hotel which works as a hospital as well”, explains Davis-Ruben Thies. “For this project we were looking for the best architect in a Europe-wide tender. But one thing was set from the beginning: We want this patient-hotel and it must not cost one cent more than other comparable building projects – exactly 41 million Euros.”

Matteo Thun’s and HDR TMK CEO Michael Keitel’s working group won the tender in the summer of 2013. They were able to respect the budget exactly – and convinced the jury by presenting the most economically and ecologically sustainable concept. 

“The new building ensures the efficient handling of resources and energy during operation. Thus it helps us to save money –taxpayers’ money!”, David-Ruben Thies points out. 

Therefore the working group emphasizes the cost efficiency of their architecture: “The cylindrical construction guarantees the perfect proportion of total and usable areas as well as reducing traffic areas like staircases and hallways”, claims Michael Keitel. “Let’s put it this way: The enclosed space will be used almost entirely in daily work routine. Moreover, the round construction means shorter ways for doctors and nurses. And this, in turn, ensures faster workflows after the opening of the ward.”

Matteo Thun adds: “We are using numerous prefabricated construction units. This helps us to save money and time in the construction process. The operating expenses will be lower, too. To achieve this objective we rely on a compact building structure with high isolation standards which will minimize heat loss. Furthermore, the consequent usage of daylight will reduce  the electricity costs enormously.”

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Thuringia’s secretary of state Heike Taubert hands over the grant of funding to general manager David-Ruben Thies and district administrator Andreas Heller.

Thuringia’s secretary of state Heike Taubert hands over the grant of funding to general manager David-Ruben Thies and district administrator Andreas Heller.