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Matteo Thun wins architecture competition for new building at Eisenberg

The internationally acclaimed, award-winning architect and designer will plan the ward building of Europe’s biggest University orthopedics. South Tyrolean Matteo Thun succeeded at an Europe-wide tender.


Together with Matteo Thun & Partners Eisenberg’s managing Director David-Ruben Thies presented the draft to Christine Lieberknecht, Thuringia’s Minister-President, on July 18, 2013. The new building costs EUR 41 million and is financed from grants of the Free State of Thuringia as well as resources of Eisenberg hospital. 

„The new building is a flagship project which will shine well beyond the borders of Thuringia and Germany“, says Minister-President Christine Lieberknecht. "This clearly demonstrates: the free state is a top location for a vibrant health economy.” 

Andreas Heller, District Administrator of Saale-Holzland district and Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Eisenberg, complements: „I am proud that we have a hospital in our region which enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. And I am sure: our international prestige continues to rise in the future – thanks to a clear-sighted managing director like David-Ruben Thies and a dedicated chief physician such as Prof. Dr. Georg Matziolis who switched from the Berlin Charité to Eisenberg only last year.“

Matteo Thun impressed the selection committee with the most sustainable concept – both ecologically and economically. And with an architecture that will help patients to recover: „When designing a hospital human beings have to be in absolutele focus. With our concept we build on the relation between physical space and well-being “, Matteo Thun explains.

In his conception of the ward building the architect pursues the idea of a patient’s hotel. The outside facade will be constructed almost entirely of glass and wood and will guide the view to the surrounding woods. On the inside retreats and recreation areas will compliment the functional areas: thus patients will have meals together and can communicate in the Piazza flooded with light. Patients’ rooms will clearly differ from the usual standards in Germany. There will be double bedrooms only, and by arrangement of bathrooms and furniture patients have the opportunity to retire and enjoy their privacy: a double room with the privacy of a single room. 

To guarantee economic efficiency, functionality, and user-friendliness of the new construction, Matteo Thun cooperates with the planning company HDR TMK located in Erfurt/Leipzig. This specialist in health, science, and techonlogy design will support architects during both planning and realization phases of the project. For this purpose Matteo Thun and Michael Keitel, managing director of HDR TMK, established a working partnership.


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Architects Michael Keitel and Matteo Thun with Managing Director David-Ruben Thies

Architects Michael Keitel and Matteo Thun with Managing Director David-Ruben Thies

Our new ward building – designed by Matteo Thun

Our double bedrooms

Our single rooms

Two patient rooms will share a bright and comfortable conservatory: room for get-together and conversation.

The piazza features an open kitchen and invites patients to have meals together.

Completed building applications: a milestone is set.

Completed building applications: a milestone is set.