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Ergotherapy serves the maintenance, improvement or compensation of motor, physical and social capabilities. For this, our therapists work according to the treatment requirements and everyday needs.

In addition to practical everyday activities, motor skills, craft skills and recreational processes are used as therapeutic measures. Our ergotherapeutic concept also includes support, supply and training with aids and splints.

In particular, we help patients with fractures, tendon injuries, chronic polyarthritis or complex regional pain syndrome. Our main areas of treatment also include treatment of people with Dupuytren's contraction, with nerve lesions and sensitivity disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, apoplexy or also after amputations.

Our areas of expertise:

Motor-functional treatment:

  • Joint mobilisation
  • Scar treatment
  • Sensitivity training
  • Thermal application (heat/cold)
  • Mirror therapy
  • Active und passive movement therapy

Medical aid consultation and testing:

  • Dressing aids, e.g. sock pullers and grippers
  • Aids for bodycare, such as extended brushes and combs
  • Eating and food preparation aids (special cutlery and adapted tableware)

Splint manufacture:

  • Adaptation of individual thermoplastic hand and finger splints (e.g. postural splints, redressing splints)

Weaving loom with runners:

  • Active practice of stretching and bending the knee joint for patients with artificial joint replacements

Training getting into cars:

  • For patients with artificial replacement of the knee or hip joint or after spinal column operations

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Patient on the weaving loom with runners

Patient on the weaving loom with runners