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Chief medical technical officer <br/> Ilona Borz
Chief medical technical officer
Ilona Borz

036691 8-1504



Our range of services primarily consists of conventional x-rays of the skeletal system.

Some of the techniques for this were specially developed by us for our patients – for example for images of knee endoprosthetics. We carry out contrast medium image examinations of the gastro-intestinal tract, kidneys and venous vascular system. Contrast images of the spinal canal and joints complete the range of invasive examinations.

Our areas of expertise:
Computer tomography

• Skull

• Peripheral skeleton

• Spinal column

• Thorax

• Abdomen

• Angio-CT

• CT-aided punctures

Fluoroscopy examinations
Contrast images

• Gastro-intestinal tract

• Kidneys

• Venous vascular system

• Spinal canal

• Joints


• Imaging of fistulas and passage systems

• Fluoroscopy-aided punctures and infiltrations

• Imaging of implants under rotating fluoroscopy in special configurations

• Conventional tomography

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Digital fluoroscopy

Digital fluoroscopy


• Abdomen

• Kidneys

• Thyroid gland

• Musculoskeletal system

Rectal endosonography
US-aided punctures and pre-operative markings
Teleradiological cooperation

with the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of the FSU Jena

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