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Waldkliniken Eisenberg

Visiting regulations

The previous ban on visits will be lifted on May 2nd.

From May 2nd, the following visit regulations apply to the Waldkliniken Eisenberg:

  • At the same time, only 2 visitors per patient should come to the station
  • 3G continues to apply to all visitors, as does the obligation to wear a medical mask

Thank you for your understanding.

Waldkliniken Eisenberg

"Safety first" is our motto

As we all know, Corona is not defeated and the virus continues to accompany us. That is why we have taken very special measures at the forest clinics to protect our patients, our employees and our visitors from infection as much as possible.

Some of these measures have been in place with us since the beginning of the pandemic - and they are constantly being further developed. Here is an overview:

The area for corona patients is strictly isolated from all other areas

At Waldkliniken Eisenberg, face masks are compulsory for all patients and outpatient visitors - all employees of the forest clinics have been wearing face masks since March 17th

A Corona-Screening has also been taking place for all employees (including administration or cleaning) since March 17th - once a week! Many hospitals have now adopted this model. In this way we try to rule out that employees could carry the virus into our house

At the entrance to our clinics, everyone who enters our house has a fever

Hand disinfection is mandatory

All patients who want to have an operation with us or have an emergency operation are tested for Corona

For operations that can be planned, this takes place preoperatively max. 72 hours before surgery

Clear distance regulations apply in all areas of the house - both in the patient rooms and in the waiting areas of the outpatient departments as well as in the corridors

Patients for the outpatient departments are only admitted 20 minutes before the appointment in order to avoid "traffic jams"

The visit regulation will be adapted to the possibilities and requirements. Since July 2 registered visitors per patient have been allowed to pre-register for a visit for 1 hour per day

Admission to our outpatient clinics is exclusively reserved for patients without an accompanying person

The patient garden remains closed so that visiting rules are not bypassed