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Waldkliniken Eisenberg

Our house

The Waldkliniken Eisenberg have a long history. Click through our picture gallery and discover for yourself what things look like here today. Please click on the dots at the bottom of the picture.

Waldkliniken Eisenberg

A great day for Waldkliniken Eisenberg and the region

The official inauguration of our new building on September 10, 2020 was an emotional day for us and our guests. After ten years of planning and four years of construction, designer & architect Matteo Thun and the HDR architects handed over the symbolic key to the managing director of Waldkliniken Eisenberg, David-Ruben Thies.

After cutting the red ribbon, the speakers at the prominent press conference around Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow, Health Minister Heike Werner and District Administrator Andreas Heller agreed: A very unique hospital has been created here at Waldkliniken Eisenberg. In this particularly healing place, in addition to excellent medicine and first-class care, well-thought-out architecture and integration into nature contribute to the rapid recovery of the patients.

During the tour that followed, the guests were deeply impressed by the hotel character of the municipal hospital, which now offers patients of all health insurers a 4 or 5 star stay.

Waldkliniken Eisenberg

Spectacular light show with a breathtaking showact

As a thank you to the employees who were very committed to the development of the new building, we invited them to an exclusive event as part of the inauguration.

The new building itself became the focal point and star of the evening in a spectacular light show: the history and philosophy of the forest clinics could be experienced by the guests in impressive images on its facade.

A breathtaking show act by vertical artists was both the center and the highlight of the unique staging just for the employees.