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Waldkliniken Eisenberg

We look forward to our first patient in the new building on October 31, 2020

After ten years of planning and four years of construction, our new building is structurally completed. Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow officially opened our house on September 10th.

In the coming weeks we will now prepare everything for our 1st patient in our new building. On October 31st we move into the new house and welcome our first patient there.

We are delighted to be able to offer all of our patients hotel-level accommodation in addition to our well-known medical excellence and our innovative care concept.

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Information on the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

We are there for you - with special precautions for your health!

The Waldkliniken Eisenberg are expanding their treatment capacities step by step. This is done with care - and always with a view to the special framework conditions during the corona pandemic.

That is why we have taken extensive measures to minimize the risk of an undetected corona infection and to avoid the infection of patients, employees or visitors.

Unfortunately, the special measures also lead to inconvenience - for example, we cannot (yet) treat as many patients as before Corona, both outpatient and inpatient. Therefore, there may be longer waiting times for appointments.

Special rules for visitors and relatives of patients also currently apply to our house.

The cafeteria only serves take-away food and drinks. The patient garden remains closed.

All of this serves to prevent infections - and thus the health of all of us. With this in mind, we ask for your understanding.


Important information about Corona

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Waldkliniken Eisenberg

Inauguration ceremony by Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow

With the ceremonial handover of the keys by the architects and the cutting of the red ribbon by Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow and District Administrator Andreas Heller, we celebrated the completion of our new building on September 10, 2020.

Both at the press conference and on the tour that followed, the guests from politics and society were enthusiastic about the architectural quality of the new building and the holistic concept of the forest clinics on which it is based.

More about the inauguration

Waldkliniken Eisenberg

Spectacular light show with a breathtaking showact

As a thank you to the employees who were very committed to the development of the new building, we invited them to an exclusive event as part of the inauguration.

The new building itself became the focal point and star of the evening in a spectacular light show: the history and philosophy of the forest clinics could be experienced by the guests in impressive images on its facade.

A breathtaking show act by vertical artists was both the center and the highlight of the unique staging just for the employees.

Waldkliniken Eisenberg

"Safety first" is our motto

As we all know, Corona is not defeated and the virus continues to accompany us. That is why we have taken very special measures at the forest clinics to protect our patients, our employees and our visitors from infection as much as possible.

Some of these measures have been in place with us since the beginning of the pandemic - and they are constantly being further developed. Here is an overview:

The area for corona patients is strictly isolated from all other areas

At Waldkliniken Eisenberg, face masks are compulsory for all patients and outpatient visitors - all employees of the forest clinics have been wearing face masks since March 17th

A Corona-Screening has also been taking place for all employees (including administration or cleaning) since March 17th - once a week! Many hospitals have now adopted this model. In this way we try to rule out that employees could carry the virus into our house

At the entrance to our clinics, everyone who enters our house has a fever

Hand disinfection is mandatory

All patients who want to have an operation with us or have an emergency operation are tested for Corona

For operations that can be planned, this takes place preoperatively max. 72 hours before surgery

Clear distance regulations apply in all areas of the house - both in the patient rooms and in the waiting areas of the outpatient departments as well as in the corridors

Patients for the outpatient departments are only admitted 20 minutes before the appointment in order to avoid "traffic jams"

The visit regulation will be adapted to the possibilities and requirements. Since July 2 registered visitors per patient have been allowed to pre-register for a visit for 1 hour per day

Admission to our outpatient clinics is exclusively reserved for patients without an accompanying person

The patient garden remains closed so that visiting rules are not bypassed

Waldkliniken Eisenberg

Germany’s Number 1

Medical treatment and care at the highest level, accompanied by numerous positive ratings by patients: this mixture has once again brought the Waldkliniken Eisenberg 1st place in the certificate study "Germany’s best hospitals" conducted by the F.A.Z. Institute.

"Our orthopaedic specialists are experts in their field and are very experienced. We are aware of new trends and developments in surgery and treatment methods. We are "up to date" and have excellent networks," explains the Medical Director Univ.-Prof. Dr. Georg Matziolis. "However, a considerable part in this award is also played by our nursing staff."

The Study

The Study

For the past few years, the F.A.Z. Institute has been determining "Germany’s best hospital" in various different categories according to size and services provided..

The rating is based on the results from the most important patient portals, as well as the specialist assessment of the quality reports that all hospitals have to publish annually.

More than 2000 hospitals are assessed according to objective and emotional criteria and placed in a ranking of institutions of comparable size.

The best hospital in each ranking is awarded the maximum possible 100% – the next places being measured against the values of the best placed.


The Portals

  • TK-KlinikführerOnline survey of over 800,000 people covered by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) health insurance fund in 6 quality dimensions
    • General satisfaction with the hospital
    • Satisfaction with the treatment outcome
    • Satisfaction with the medical-nursing care
    • Satisfaction with information and communication
    • Satisfaction with the organisation and accommodation
    • (Perceived) patient safety
  • Weisse ListeSurvey of persons covered by the AOK, KKH and BARMER health insurance funds using scientifically founded questionnaires. For this purpose, more than one million questionnaires are sent out annually, and they are divided into 4 quality dimensions
    • Further recommendation by patients
    • Satisfaction with the medical care
    • Satisfaction with the nursing care
    • Satisfaction with organisation and service
  • Klinikbewertungen.de: This well-known online rating portal publishes anonymised patient ratings that have been provided by users on their own initiative. Here, there are again 6 quality dimensions
    • Further recommendation
    • Overall satisfaction
    • Quality of counselling
    • Medical treatment
    • Administration and procedures
    • Equipment and organisation


The Result

In the largest category of hospitals with 150 to 300 beds, the Waldkliniken Eisenberg were awarded the title of Germany’s best hospital.

After 19th place last year, the Waldkliniken achieved the top position in this renowned study for the first time in 2019. The Waldkliniken thus asserted their position in the overall calculation of specialist quality and patient satisfaction.

In the objective assessment, a major role was played by the numerical ratio of doctors and nurses to patients, as well as the quality processes.

In the area of patient satisfaction, the F.A.Z. Institute rated the results of the institutions on three important rating portals and condensed them into quality dimensions: Overall satisfaction / Further recommendation – Medical treatment – Organisation and service – Other criteria.


Special publication "Germany’s best hospitals"

Waldkliniken Eisenberg

The WKE patient portal

With the WKE patient portal, the Waldkliniken Eisenberg open the door to the future of patient care: greater safety of treatment, better information for patients, quicker and more individual care – and all this accompanied by the highest data security. In their special dual role as a top-class orthopaedic hospital and as a general hospital providing standard healthcare services, the Waldkliniken Eisenberg integrate an online tool for communication and interaction with patients from quite different specialist fields.

Their advantages are clearly at the centre of the development of this tool. With the patient portal, the Waldkliniken Eisenberg not only extend their portfolio, but also take the next step in providing optimal care for the patients – and towards even greater patient safety.

To WKE patient portal

What is the WKE patient portal?

What is the WKE patient portal?

For the past 15 years or so, the subject of digitalisation in medicine has been debated in Germany – in different specialist fields and various constellations. 


Within just nine months, the Waldkliniken Eisenberg have succeeded in developing a functioning system of a "digital medical record". Together with the project partners, a cloud-based patient portal has been created that enables patients to call up medical history data, diagnosis documents and treatment plans at any time.

This avoids duplicate examinations, forms being filled in repeatedly and uncertainty about the next steps of therapy, making care more personal, time-saving and more appropriate to the individual patient’s needs. In short: The patient portal makes the patient’s life simpler and better.

With interactive push messages, reminders, individual exercise plans, tips and contact options, patients are more actively integrated into their treatment – and can thus become more directly involved in their recovery..


What advantages does the WKE patient portal provide?

What advantages does the WKE patient portal provide?

At the heart of the digital WKE patient portal is the patient’s clinical history, which is systematically recorded and continuously updated. This means that the patient – and their treatment team – have access to all important data, from the first medical history to the follow-up examination many years after the stay in hospital.

  • Reliable and single medical history
    Precise and informative medical history data are entered by the patient themselves or together with the patient at the first appointment in the Waldkliniken Eisenberg.
  • Continuous updating after every appointment
    In personal medical consultation, these data are evaluated together with a doctor and, if necessary, forwarded to your family doctor and any specialist involved.
  • All documents in one place
    Important documents such as medical reports, medication plans, laboratory and radiology findings are directly available to the patient in the portal.
  • Comprehensive information for everyone involved
    The patient can share these data with the treatment team via the patient portal – and can thus keep everyone “up to date” live, so to speak.
  • Growing system for comprehensive and reliable care
    The treatment team currently consists of the hospital, the family doctor and specialist. After the system has been launched, it will be extended to include the therapists from rehab and care, pharmacy, etc.
  • Appointments and reminders on your mobile phone
    The patient can see the appointments for their family doctor / specialist and for the hospital directly in their WKE patient portal.
  • Comprehensive and personal communication
    So-called activity plans accompany the patient in everything to do with their hospital stay, e.g. the personal pre-operative check, further reminders prior to departure and information concerning treatment.
  • Dialogue and further functions
    The patient can use the portal to get in touch directly with the service team of the Waldkliniken Eisenberg and specialists or their family doctor and, for example, make appointments.

Waldkliniken Eisenberg

Our philosophy

We stand demonstrably for quality. And we are convinced that quality is decisive in all areas and that you benefit from it as a patient.

In order to be able to provide you with medical care on a top international level, we put emphasis on evidence-based medicine and high expertise. Our doctors have the best training in their specialist fields and, thanks to large case numbers, also have the necessary experience.

Symbolic of our high standards are our low infection and complication rates, which are far below the national average.

And because excellent medical care goes hand in hand with all-round service on a luxury hotel level, this subject also plays a major role in our approach. We want to welcome you as a guest and accompany you on your journey in the best possible way. Judge for yourself.


The cornerstones of our philosophy

Waldkliniken Eisenberg

Were you satisfied with your stay here?

Were you satisfied with our treatment and care during your stay? Then share this with us and all the other people in the world who are interested in hearing about it.

Feel free to leave a message or a rating for us on Google, Facebook or Instagram. Similarly on Klinikbewertungen.de or on our own internal Thank you website.

If you wish to show your appreciation by providing us with financial support, you may do so by making a donation to our friends’ association "Förderverein Rudolf Elle". Thank you!

Rudolf Elle friends’ association

Rudolf Elle friends’ association

Since 1996, 16 children in particular from areas of conflict have been treated free of charge at the Waldkliniken Eisenberg. Month-long therapies, complicated operations, patience and lots of care and attention made it possible for the children to return home healthy and now lead a better. The voluntary helpers of the Friedensdorf e.V. and the staff of the Waldkliniken have provided the children with the gift of a life worth living.

Since 2013, this commitment by the hospital for the Friedensdorf children has been supported by the friends’ association "Rudolf Elle" am Deutschen Zentrum für Orthopädie e.V.

The medical future is also supported by the friends’ association. For example, financial support has been provided to prospective doctors at the Friedrich-Schiller University in the form of "Germany grants".

In the future, we hope to gain prominent "Paediatric orthopaedics patrons" as ambassadors, in order to reach even more people and raise awareness of the work of the friends’ association, gain new members and increase donations.

If you wish, you may support the work of our paediatric ward and our friends’ association by making a donation: www.rudolf-elle.de

Account for donations

Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland
Förderverein "Rudolf Elle" am Deutschen Zentrum für Orthopädie e.V.
IBAN: DE68 8305 3030 0018 0361 47
"We can heal – You can help!"

Or why don’t you become a member of the friends’ association. Lots can be achieved with an annual contribution of 25 euros or more!

You can find further information, the possibility of donation or the online membership application under www.rudolf-elle.de.

Quality manager

Quality manager
Manuela Henneberg

The patients in our hospital should be safe in the knowledge that they will receive the best possible care. Therefore, we inform you regularly in our Quality Reports about the structures and processes in our institution. Apart from this, we tell you about the guidelines upon which our work is based and how medicine and care work together in the interest of ensuring quality.
In addition, we evaluate the continuous patient survey on a quarterly basis. This also includes complaint management, in order to constantly analyse quality at the Waldkliniken both on the basis of quality indicators and also from the patient’s viewpoint.


Telephone: 036691 8-1845
E-Mail: qm(at)waldkliniken-eisenberg.de

Quality Report 2017

Quality Report 2016

Quality Report 2015

Quality Report 2014

Patient advocate

Patient advocate Christine Stamm

"Can I take a look at my medical file? I didn’t understand the doctor, but don’t have the courage to ask again. I really just need to talk to someone." These things belong to the duties of a patient advocate.

She is there when patients need support or have questions. As a mediator between patients and the hospital, she helps if there are any problems on the ward. Suggestions, criticism and praise are received by her and, if so wished by the patient, passed on.

She takes care of the patients’ questions and concerns and looks for a satisfactory solution together with everyone involved.

Patient advocates work on a voluntary basis, they are independent and are not subject to instructions from above. As a matter of principle, patient advocates treat everything that patients tell them confidentially – they are bound by the obligation to maintain secrecy. Only with the patient’s consent may an advocate pass on information and, for example, represent their concerns towards the hospital management.

For this reason, she also works closely with the complaint and quality management department at the Waldkliniken Eisenberg.


E-Mail: patientenfuersprecher(at)waldkliniken-eisenberg.de