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Waldkliniken Eisenberg

Your nursing professionals

To make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible in our hospital, a team of highly qualified and competent employees takes care of you all around the clock. We attach great importance to compassionate care, friendliness, attention and specialist knowledge.

This enables us to create a personal atmosphere, in which all your needs are attended to. We include you actively in the nursing process and coordinate our nursing concept to your individual needs.

We ensure appropriate nursing and all-round care by means of small and manageable nursing areas in the individual departments. Personal dialogue with you and your relatives is also particularly important for us, as well as a partnership-based cooperation with the doctors and therapists.

We are committed to specialist nursing staff

We are committed to specialist nursing staff

Specialist nursing staff belong to the most important contact persons for patients during their stay. With our unit concept, we ensure that you are constantly cared for by a small circle of our nursing professionals. This creates trust and security – on both sides.


In addition, we are committed to employing highly qualified personnel who enjoy their job and also have the opportunity to develop continuously. All doors are open for our specialist nursing staff to attend professional and personal further education programmes.

Dabei greifen wir auf die Expertise und Unterstützung von Pflegewissenschaftlern zurück und sind hier durch unsere enge Anbindung an die Fachhochschule in Jena sehr gut aufgestellt.

Here, we make use of the expertise and support of nursing scientists and are in an excellent position here as a result of our close relationship with the technical university in Jena. We achieve the highest level of quality in our nursing through the constant further education of our nursing staff. Our employees have special training, among other things in the fields of wound and pain management, discharge management and case management. Apart from this, we train our nursing team in subjects such as palliative care, aroma therapy, kinaesthetics and as practical instructors.

This enables us to optimise our procedures and coordinate the care and therapy of our patients. We naturally orientate ourselves along the current national expert standards.

The Waldkliniken Eisenberg invest on average one third more in the further education of their staff than comparable institutions. Ultimately, this investment comes to the good of our patients, who are cared for by happy, highly trained and certified specialist nursing staff.